Since 1973

Our history

Eugenia’s family owns the oldest restaurant on the island, Filippino, opened in 1910. She tells us about the cuisine at the restaurant E pulera, which she owns with her husband Angelo and their children Elisabetta and Giovanni. The family runs E pulera following the tradition set by her great grandfather Cesare.

The recipes

Our recipes are especially inspired by the Aeolian, as well as Sicilian, tradition. It could not be different since our guests, mostly tourists, are curious to try our cuisine, characterized by aromatic herbs that enrich the unique scents and flavours of our mostly fish-based dishes.

Our cuisine uses seasonal produce, especially local, often organic, vegetables and fish caught in the Aeolian or Sicilian sea: scorpionfish, sea bream, local shrimps, sword fish, squid, sardines and anchovies, marlin fish, luvar (oily fish).

The fish menu changes on a daily basis because it depends on what the local market offers every day. We do not generally serve very elaborate dishes so as not to alter the taste of the fresh produce we are lucky enough to find here. We usually serve express dishes that are steamed or lightly cooked. We generally grill fish and serve it with traditional condiment such as “salmoriglio”.

E Pulera Restaurant

Via Isabella Vainicher Conti | LIPARI

Telephone: +390909811158

Open only in the evening:

19:30 – 23:30

Open from April to October



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You can book a table by phoning: +390909811158

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